Reviews of the Top 5 Fetish Dating Websites 2020

There are numerous fetish sex sites online where you can go and explore your kinkiness with likeminded others. They all seem to be in a competition on who is who in the fetish dating arena and having some brief reviews on these sites would do you great. Let's take a look at some of the most popular sites and their ratings to choose the most suitable one for you.

#1 ALT.com5 Stars

Popular ALT

ALT is one of the top leading fetish sites with a huge number of members. It offers services such as dating BDSM experiences and all the kinky fetishism that you can think. There are a number of features in the site such as video chats and sex chat rooms and they vary with registration level. For a standard account, it’s free to register but you can upgrade to silver or a gold account at a fixed fee. These levels come with added privileges such as getting notified whenever a new hot blood has joined the site. A number of people have found it useful while another lot has ended up not liking it. Some of the shortcomings of the site are many fake accounts and high charges for those in the gold membership level with little or no advantages in return. The site can be fun especially when you just want to have fun and you are okay with their terms and services.

#2 4 Stars

Adult Friend Finder

AdultfriendFinder has close to 100 million members and is available globally through their site. It has won some awards since it offers dates, hookups and thrilling sexual encounters. It is super fast as it can locate other users with your locality and create some quick sex matches for you. It is has a free premium level to join but it also has various membership categories such as gold and silver and they all have specific privileges and cost less than 100$ for 6 months. There are varying features depending on your level such as you can wink at your crush, you can know and see who went through your profile. You can have a private hot list where you add those that you find appealing to you. Just like any other dating sites, scammers are there but the site tries as much as possible to delete these fake accounts. However, this is a great site with some nice customer service.

#3 3 Stars


Fetlife is another fetish dating site that has recently introduced a mobile app to help in its interactions within its members. Just like many dating sites, its registration is free and simple and you get to go over the profiles of other million members. It is has a browser extension for those using computers. The site has a lot of amazing features such as thousands of fetish pictures shared, videos and chat rooms that collectively create what they call kinky heaven. They pride themselves over their mission which is to make people be comfortable with who they are sexually and making the experience safe and open. This is a great site for any fetish who would like their mind blown and is after that fetish life to the bone.

#4 2 Stars


Fetster is a BDSM Dating community for kinky people. BDSM which stands for bondage, domination, submission/sadism, and masochism, is a kind of sexual fetishism that allows the practitioners derive more fun from these acts. Some of the ideas involved are spanking, bondage and role play. On the Fetster, you get to find all these other wildly spirited partners that are ready to rock your world. To register you just click on the site and in a few minutes you are in browsing through different profiles. Under each profile, there is a description of the individual and which role they like best. This act like a free market and only your imagination can limit you from the overwhelming variety. Issues such as privacy and confidentiality are regarded highly on this site and they always deliver and mitigate fake accounts and scammers.

#5 1 Star

Foot Fetish Dating

Just like the title suggests this is a site for the foot fetish both men and women. Therefore you are likely to meet both straights and gays on this platform. They take the guesswork out of the way by bringing all those that are turned on by their partner’s feet. The site can be operated on any device with internet connection but they do not have an app. By using your phone you are able to walk around chatting and catching up with other like-minded fetishes. They offer premium free registrations and they have dynamic features such as private messaging that are instant. There is another smart feature known as the black book that allows one to privately save photos and can only be viewed by those that you want by adding them to your little black book. The site maintains high levels of security with everything being handled with discretion. If you are a feet lover get to the site and experience the fun.